Monthly Archives: January 2018

Waiting My Turn at the Bird Feeder — Pastel

       Pastel birds have interested me since about March last year after seeing some Mike Beeman pastels. Here’s my latest of a Red Cardnal that perched in a bush next to our bird feeders. Step-by-Step Pastel    Basically I started out with a brief sketch. On the bird pastels, I usually try to leave the […]


What Art and Buddhism have in Common

   Serving the greater good is a basic principle of the Dharma or Buddhist philosophy.  It’s not unusual for many artists to feel that they are serving a greater good by helping others around them see world issues, or just to see elements of the world they might not otherwise see. Western artists often view art […]


Vodka and News coming soon

    I soon will be publishing a a newsletter and updating my website. I have a wonderful graphic artist and photographer, Lynelle Mallady, working on some branding and an art critic and curator working on a biography that I will post here later this year. For those new to “branding” think McDonalds or Coke a […]