Composition helps both all artist genres

abstract art pastels and works by artists with mental disorders

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Abstract and Representational art Composition Often are Related

“Points of light #3” composition is another abstract drawing turned into a pastel abstract design. Derived from an abstract set of drawings, this work too began from the use of alternative rock music. Composition and design of this came from conscious and subconscious methods.

Originally, three small 1.5×2.5 inch graphite sketches as notans started the process. My reactions to the music helped create the marks subconscious in my sketchpad. But each sketch wasn’t finished with my eyes closed.

Switch back and forth between intuitive and the conscious mind

The finishing touches came after the initial oneness with the music recorded my reactions. After this, the conscious mind takes over and tries to recognize what has been recorded.

color, abstract and response tend to work together

One of at least three notan graphite sketches and the color sample I used to guide but not limit my work on the finished abstraction above

My tendency, I am finding, seems to record darks and highlighted areas. This sketch shows similar attributes. On the left, a dark mass moves gradually right, lightens up, then a secondary smaller mass forms on the right side of the format.


Edgar Payne’s principle of the dark mass appears to have developed in the process of this abstraction. The large mass left occupies the majority of he major shape of the composition. The smaller dark shape appears left of the light area, adding interest but whose shape is different enough that no other shapes compete for size. The large light spot in the golden mean one-third of the left side appears to become the center of interest due to its values in comparison an placement in the golden mean.


  • about myself, I discovered I have a tendency to create a “hot spot” of light
  • I am liking the large mass design more often than many of the other 20 plus compositions
  • By forcing myself NOT to use the commonly used S or compound curve as a design element, I am learning other compositions and how to control them

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