After a Night of Binge: art on steroids

Thumbnail sketching art

A page from my 6×9 sketchbook — after a night of binge drawing


Binge Drawing is like binge watching of a Netflix series, drinking, eating or whatever. . . . . My mental state usually makes me binge more than most people do, but I recently discovered “Binging Thumbnail Drawing.” It might actually be the first binging that is good for me. Guess the jury’s still out on that; too much of anything actually be good for me.


Is this One Kind of Binge that’s Good for you?

I’m just going to share some of the images I created as thumbnails from my evening of Binge Drawing. Before the word binge became popular, my wife noticed my obsessive behavior and called it “all or nothing.” I would go to the extremes — I think that’s why I have way too many art supplies. Once I start exploring something, I USED to go out and buy up a year’s supply. Since I didn’t stick with it for a year…. the year’s supply now is a lifetime supply for many of the things I have. 

Some of the many pages created that night…..

I toned the small rectangular spaces I planned to use as the design area.

Although there were borders for each, I allowed myself to wildly draw past the borders then erase what went outside of the lines








As I tired, the drawing became more conscious, so I allowed myself to look at the page and start to see things — here a could start to resemble representational landscapes.

What I learned

  • There’s a wax and waning; as I did more than 2-3, they get better 4-12, then they get worse
  • If these were small paintings, I bet there would be the same good, better, worse outcomes
  • It’s like focused doodling; the mind mostly is not conscious of what appears after the first couple of design spaces have been filled.
  • After each drawing I can look at it and start to see composition designs that are intuitive
  • I do better when I allow myself to draw outside the lines that I marked off as the compositional space

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