Artist Avon Waters seeks to find harmonic links between all things – living or inanimate. His expressionistic and representational styles borrow from all the artists that came before him, including the shamans of early man. His work is in private and corporate collections and followed by more than 10,000 on social media.

At the age of six he was influenced by Avant Garde art, local artists and the work of his aunt, print maker Ann Parker, and the South American rubbings of his uncle Avon Neal, folklorist artist/writer. His formal art education at Indiana University began in Fine Art Photography under the tutorage of art photographers Henry Holms Smith and Reginald Heron.

His knowledge of nature and use of its themes in art today might be explained by his Midwestern upbringing, but actually it is more likely that this rural-ness was augmented by is study of plant sciences while studying art and photography at Indiana University.  After college, and the purchase of a photography studio, his interest in fine art painting grew as commercial photography forced fine art photography to recede. Most recently his work has included explorations of painting mediums, drawing, and printmaking. Today he operates studios in both Bogotá Colombia and Indiana, USA.

His mastery of drawing lends his work a child-like playfulness full of frenetic energy in one moment; then a sense of calmness the next – depending on what he might be exploring. There’s uncanny ability to know just the right technique to use and when to use it. Yet because of his prolific schedule, he manages to organize this schizophrenic approach of more than one media into comprehensible series.

His subject matter is as varied as his techniques; representing everything from re-imagined uses for primitive art, to figurative, to his favorite theme — landscapes and urban scenes.


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