Street Art Movement Spawned by Murdered Artist

Street art and artists in Bogota Colombia

Street art in Bogota is in every block. This school, in our neighborhood is on a corner and art wraps around the wall more than 300 feet in both directions. This wasn’t here when I last visited seven months ago.

Boy’s Murder Sparks an Art Movement

Open this link to the New York Magazine Travel Guide to see the story behind Bogota street art. See how Bogota went from killing a 16-year-old street artist in 2011 to becoming one of the top 10 cities in the world that now hosts events and celebrates its street artists community.

Street art south of Calle 45 in the Bogota Galaria area

Six or seven story tall art is spectacular and gets the press, but just a walk down any street are smaller works like this birdman character tucked away on the side of a building.

I thought I’d spare you another post of me getting used Bogota’s light and treat you to some great art that is all around our apartment in Bogota. Back to my artistic struggles after this post.

Huffington Post and Fodor rankings for street art

In 2014, the Huffington Post ranked Bogota #8 behind LA for the best street art. In 2017, Fodor Travel Guide ranked it #9. Other rankings have it #6 or #7. Regardless, it is ranked in the top 10 of cities around the world for its street art works. Artists are commissioned to do anything from a security door to the entire sides of 5-6 story buildings.

A store front in the barrio Galaria south of Calle 45 in Bogota Colombia

A store front artwork next to the business entrance. I counted 5 such works in the short walk to the art supply store and another 10 smaller works on door shutters and rooftop peaks.

On larger pieces, tall buildings, public spaces, and parks, where gang graffiti is a problem, the artists created a unique solution. The street artists design the bottoms of their larger pieces to have chaotic curves, angles and color. After gang graffiti is added, it just bends into the design.

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