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After a Night of Binge: art on steroids

  Binge Drawing is like binge watching of a Netflix series, drinking, eating or whatever. . . . . My mental state usually makes me binge more than most people do, but I recently discovered “Binging Thumbnail Drawing.” It might actually be the first binging that is good for me. Guess the jury’s still out […]


Best little motivation idea EVER!

The credit for this goes to Austin Kleon author of “Steal Like an Artist” and “Show Your Work.” I’ve always been a list maker but I found them cumbersome and I’d not be consistent using they. Lists and this new method are very calming influences on my work life. The Accidental Discovery My wife often […]


I Suffer from a Mental Disorder — Anxiety

Okay. I’ve danced around this issue for about two weeks making references to stress, relief of  the anxiety I feel. Doctors diagnosed me with anxiety disorder in about 2014: classified a mental disorder– so I’m told. My generation hesitates reticently to disclose such things. But it’s a part of who I am and I discovered […]