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Polyester isn’t Just for Making Bad Suits

If you are old enough, you’ll remember in the 1970s how polyester started replacing cotton clothing and men wore polyester suits with bell bottoms, or clothing that shined in the sun. As a result, polyester likely has a negative connotation for baby-boomers. Polyester clothing sometimes didn’t even photograph the same color that the eye saw. […]


Composition Shouldn’t be just Intuitive

Compositional Design: can it be taught? Edgar Payne’s book on Landscape composition has become a classic. Payne seemed to think composition could be taught. Most art instructors thinks so too, but unfortunately few spend much time on teaching art students how to design a composition. Composition for most artist and instructors is simplified to the […]


Find Something you can Teach that’s Artsy

Any teachers out there will tell you that if they give their students the task of teaching other students the teacher students will have to know the material well and are better prepared than if they were not given the task of teaching something. The same is true with art. Volunteer to teach beginners something […]


Farmer’s don’t wait for the perfect weather: so artists shouldn’t wait for the muse


 I talked to a local farmer today: “The harvest should be pretty good this year,” he said. It occurred to me as an artist, how at one point in the creation process I often think, “This may just turn out the way I want it to.”

And sometimes the artworks do and sometimes they don’t. While I can control part of the process, there’s a part – the muse – that is a lot like the weather is for farmers.

Preparation is one key

As an artist I can do certain key things: I can do a thumbnails, block it in on a canvas or paper, and finish it.

Farmers prepare the equipment, prepare the soil, and plant the seeds. They put in the work and sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Like Farmers, that can happen to us artists too – the muse abandons us. But unlike the farmers, many artists sit and wait for the muse to strike, or until they feel a burst of creativity. We artist must continue to do the work. We can’t wait on the muse or a burst of creativity to strike.

Imagine, if a farmer thought to himself in the spring: “This year doesn’t look like it will rain enough. I’ll just not plant this season.” That doesn’t work. They have to put in the work and so do we. Artists should always be painting or planting the seeds for the next painting. We need to trust the muse will come and rain down upon us to help us grow.

Are you part of the Me generation or We generation?

  Face it – all of us are trying to find meaning to life. Basically, you must decide if you are going to look out for numero uno, or be “one of those people” and give of yourself to help others. Personally, I’m “one of those people” and want to share with others what little […]