Five Reasons why use your plein air easel in the studio

Here’s five reason why you should use your Plein Air setup in the studio too

The Story Behind the Five Reasons

A family friend asked me to help her buy a plein air easel so she could paint out while wintering in Florida. She only paints 1-2 times in the Pennsylvania summers but takes weekly classes with Robert Simone while being a snowbird.

I helped her set it up three or four times last fall, but when she got to Florida she forgot where all the parts went or how they want together and called me in a panic, sending pictures, etc. I had to try and help her get it set up remotely.

This spring when I got my new Joshua Been Fly-on-the-wall backpacking plein air easel, I remembered the above story and started using it for small oil studies in my studio. Five months later, I’m still using it inside but for different reasons than just getting used to setting up and tearing down.

Not only am I fast setting up and taking the setup down, but using it in the studio lets me experiment with different color combinations for my outdoor palette. Using it inside lets me get used to the very, very limited mixing space, considering I use a 20×24 sheet of aluminum for my studio setup. And because I don’t have it and all the supplies stored in a closet or some shelf somewhere, it’s all there when I get ready to go outside.


Using your plein air setup in the studio allows you to:

  • Speed setting up and tearing down is increased
  • adjust to the smaller mixing area
  • can learn to use a limited or set palette of colors
  • do quick study sketches without setting up and tearing down the studio work station
  • not forget any parts or pieces when you decide to travel since they are always right in one spot.

One thought on “Five Reasons why use your plein air easel in the studio

  1. Robert Simone

    Thanks for the shout out Avon! I’d like to add to the list one of the reasons I use my plein air easel in doors. If I am painting in an open studio setting with a group or doing a demo at an art center my plein air easel assures me of having a solid easel that I am familiar with.


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