How to learn to layer drawings

This week I’d like to discuss how to create shading using layering. I’ve attached a link to a video that illustrates this better than I can explain it in words.

Basically, you want to do exercises using three different grades of pencils and layer each grade with one, two and three layers. This will give you nine different shades of gray with varied qualities of gray for each layer.

The more layers you can create the smoother the gray quality. What happens is the pencil fills in the gaps of each previous layer and gives you a smoother gray. So, start with a harder lead pencil, say in the H range, and add layers to it. If you find you want a darker gray or tone after about three layers, add an HB or B layer over the existing layers and the gray will deepen but keep a smooth consistency already established by the previous H grade layers.

In reality, you can create an infinate number of gray layers. The key is to fill in the gaps first with at least three layers of a harder lead and then darken it as you need to with softer B leads.

Here you see a 3H lead with two layers and three layers and a 2H lead with two and three layers.

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