Purple: my new favorite color

5×7 pastel on paper, available

Color with A Great Range

As I work with Purple, I’m finding it has such a great range of colors and has the ability for me to complement or support other colors in combination with it. Since purple is made of blue and red, for this painting, it was easy to go from the notan to wash of purples and end up with some reds and make the oranges work.

The middle notan sketch is what I used for this painting. The first one was using three elements, the last tried to use groupings. The middle used what Edgar Payne called the Steelyard.

Blocking in Color

Purple has been helping me block in color for many of the works I’ve been doing. While it won’t be the color I use all the time to rough in color, for now I’m exploring its range and flexibility before I move on to new harmonies.

During the coloring stage, the two trees left became separated and while I had the elements of the Steelyard design, those two trees had to be reconnected and overlap to give the mass on the left a greater weight over the pivot point under the large and smaller mass to the right.

What I learned and the design

  • I’m not afraid to move things around in comparison to the original source
  • Having gained knowledge of many different designs of composition, it made it easier to explore new options once the original design wasn’t working for me
  • The Steelyard design just didn’t work once the large mass left was accidentally broken up. I learned I have to keep the weight of one mass in balance with the second mass over the pivot point

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