Artist Statement

My art transforms vibrations, or harmony of design, that I feel are in the world about me, into visual images. For me, everything – from inanimate objects to living things — in the world has a certain vibration that allows it to exist. I seek out what musicians would call harmonies and rhythms among the vibrations I feel from the objects I draw and paint.

My work is informed by my study of primitive and Hispanic cultures as well as artists like Charles Henry Fromuth, Edward Degas, Wolf Kahn, Henri Matisse, and Maurice Shapiro.

Music plays a huge role in my process. It might be the music of wind, water, and animals when working outside. Or, in the studio, music literally becomes the starting point as I listen to one genre to create abstract drawings from individual songs. I then use the drawings and listen to another musical genre to create a visual work of art. It is my belief that as artists of all genres – we are all connected by the vibrations of the world.  I could just as easily turn the sound off of a classic movie and create 2-minute sketches of the actors’ movements to then use to create a similar visual art harmony with artist materials.

The Rta of Hinduism, Dharma in Buddism, or the Native American beliefs of Animism and Fetishism come close to describing how I find the vibrations of all things and meld them into my visual works of art.

Avon Waters.

“…a resistless, inanimate world of nature to be used and refashioned at will by man in his magnificent and courageous folly to wrest a purpose from eternity.” — Frank Waters, American anthropologist.