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Street Art Movement Spawned by Murdered Artist

Boy’s Murder Sparks an Art Movement Open this link to the New York Magazine Travel Guide to see the story behind Bogota street art. See how Bogota went from killing a 16-year-old street artist in 2011 to becoming one of the top 10 cities in the world that now hosts events and celebrates its street […]


Family and Artist Trees: Benefits for Creatives

Developing an Artist Family Tree I discovered Another composition principle, By Hans Hoffman, that is based on color values. It came by surprise from studying what I call my hero Artist’s Family Tree relationships — who were the influences of the modern artists I call my heros? Growing up in a farming family: the family […]


Part II: Commission pricing

Commissions require more time Commission pricing of any kind can be tricky. I price my commissions double what I get for my landscapes because there is way more work involved. Unlike a landscape where I might do a thumbnail and start painting then and there; the commission usually requires larger drawings with more detail and […]