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Composition helps both all artist genres

Abstract and Representational art Composition Often are Related “Points of light #3” composition is another abstract drawing turned into a pastel abstract design. Derived from an abstract set of drawings, this work too began from the use of alternative rock music. Composition and design of this came from conscious and subconscious methods. Originally, three small […]


Abstract Drawings into Paintings using music as inspiration

I alternate between representational and abstraction Not every drawing has to be recognizable. I love making marks to music and then see what kinds of abstract designs develop. This 5×7 came from a pen and ink abstract sketch made while listening to alternative rock music– my eyes closed. Abstract drawing helps relieve my anxiety too. […]


The cross composition design: a flexible concept for artworks

This likely will not be the end of this painting. I must let it sit or hang on the wall in my studio and let it ferment — but for now it is done or very close to done. I really am excited about where this is going….. it is not ordinary or what others […]