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Purple: my new favorite color

Color with A Great Range As I work with Purple, I’m finding it has such a great range of colors and has the ability for me to complement or support other colors in combination with it. Since purple is made of blue and red, for this painting, it was easy to go from the notan […]


High key: learning to use half the tonal range

The decision to make this a high-key image came after the design drawings. The three attempts at thumbnails were to work out the design. None of the thumbnail sketches were high-key but all used a full range of tones from dark to light. The thumbnail sketch went through several incarnations. Going through my collected color […]


The cross composition design: a flexible concept for artworks

This likely will not be the end of this painting. I must let it sit or hang on the wall in my studio and let it ferment — but for now it is done or very close to done. I really am excited about where this is going….. it is not ordinary or what others […]