Using social media wisely

Pick your friends wisely

Once upon a time Facebook limited the number of fiends an individual could have. It seems to me individuals could only have 200-300 friends max –way back when. Somewhere along the way FB changed that to about 5,000. I haven’t looked lately but I’ve got about 3-4K or so?

The question becomes: why do we want that many friends and are they really our friends? Probably not, according to sociologist’s studies. Seems most humans can maintain really close ties (10-30) to only a handful of people who we can call our best and good friends. The study says, then only make semi-regular contact regularly with between 100-200 max. So having thousands of friends is unrealistic unless you just have nothing else to do in life, or seeing the number grow makes you feel better about yourself somehow.

I can’t speak for others but I know how I got to this unrealistic number. As an artist I thought I’d develop a network of other artists doing work I liked and be able to see their work, pop in for a few questions I might have, seek advice, etc. It sorta works, but the truth is I see very little of anyone’s work outside of that magic 200 number that sociologists speak of.

I just don’t have the time to scroll down the posts of thousands of artists to see their work – I’ve got my own art to create and would rather do that than be glued to the screen. Occasionally I’ll post a question asking advice and see names I don’t know who reply. That’s helpful. But the reality is I am not able to keep in touch with more than a handful.

If you are new at social media, or getting ready to reset your presence, think about how you want to use it and what quality of friendship you can return to others before clicking that “Confirm” button.

One thought on “Using social media wisely

  1. Doris Waters

    Great article ! A handful of great friends its fantastic! I really barely have time to check facebook, and I think there are thousands of people like me 🙂


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