Artist Statement

My art is a response to the atmosphere and emotions toward a subject, more than an expression of light. It represents mood, using atmosphere, vibrations of sounds, and harmony of design.  I try to paint the air around a thing more than the thing itself. Everything can be in harmony both visually and audibly. The Universe is said to create a near b-flat background tone. I seek to marry the rhythms of the sounds of nature, or in the studio --different music genres-- to the various vibrations of what I paint. My work starts often as abstract drawings. For me, all landscapes start as an abstraction – how close they move toward representation isn’t something with which I concern myself.

​My visual work is informed by my study of such artists as Charles Henry Fromuth, Edward Degas, Wolf Kahn, Henri Matisse, and Maurice Shapiro. My auditory influences include jazz artists like Cyrille Aimee, Wynton Marsalis, Sidney Bechet, and Amy Winehouse-- as well as violinists like Lindsey Stirling, Vanessa Mae, and more.

– Avon Waters.