A Winning Strategy for Creating Unique Art

I learned, and artists often hear, that they are unique, so what they create is unique. But what does that really mean? It's one thing to say it and believe it, but I've found it's a challenge to make it true. This week I think I took a step toward the realization of that statement.

The pictures of the evolution of this work shows how it developed, much as my last post did; it moved in and out of abstraction to representational and back to near abstraction but ended very representational.

There was no thumbnail sketch for this artwork -- that's rare for me. I just picked up a 12x12 inch square piece of prepared paper that had a blue tint. In the tint, I could see some shapes and I just had fun with color over the shapes I saw in the blue tent.

I saw a pyramid shape develop I the clouds so I developed that and radiating line design began to appear and point towards a center of interes.

Above is the color wash and the design elements were not yet showing themselves. I used Neo II wax watersoluable pastels to lay in some basic color and shapes.

After the wash, the hard and soft pastels began to define the shapes and color. I used a closed foam pipe insulation to then rub these into the texture of the surface of the gessoed surface that was brushed on long ago.

What I Learned

The more fun I have painting a work, the more I like it

Not everything I do needs a reference or thumbnail -- big surprise for me since it took years to realize how they can help

There are no rules anymore. All art is valid because if done right, I am a happy creator

Stop thinking during the process what others will think or could say. It's for me, not them.

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