Exhibition Blues: The let down after hanging a show

As an artist, we put a little bit of ourselves into our works. Without fail, after I hang every exhibition I get into a funk and can't produce much or cannot get going at all sometimes. The above exhibition was hung the first part of June and as a result, my funk returned. I have 15-16 works on exhibit in Warsaw through August, the City Hall Gallery space. For my subscribers, they know my posts to this blog lapsed. When I can't produce art I can't share posts.

This doesn't happen when 1-3 images are part of a large group show. It only happens for my solo and shows with only a couple other artists. I'm guessing it is because such shows have many more images that leave the studio and leave the walls pretty bare. In essence, way to many "little bits" of myself have been hauled off and are missing.

Best Laid Plan Failed Me

I noticed this syndrome from my last exhibitions, so I planned to have a project where I could return to the studio and keep working. My plan didn't work. The funk returned and with a vengeance this time, despite all my plans and preparation to keep working.

Knowing I get this way after exhibits, I placed on my studio wall a list of deadlines for juried shows. I formulated a plan to work on a new series since this exhibit features the start of a series using increasing textures with pastels. Canvases were prepped with textures and ideas sorted out, ready to roll.

I thought the deadlines would force me to pick right up from the last painting framed and boxed for the exhibition. I had preliminary drawings hanging on the easel and many more earmarked with post-it notes in my sketch books. The Result: I missed three juried show deadlines where one to three paintings could be submitted. My plan failed.

It's some sort of depression maybe. Something like an Empty Nester, where your children leave home -- in this case it's the little itty bitty parts of me in each work that have left my nest.

What I learned:

Normally in my posts, this is where I bullet ideas that work or things to watch for so you all don't have to reinvent the wheel, or to give you ideas to try and see if anything I share can help you. Unfortunately, this post is more of a cautionary tale with no happy ending. If one day I figure out how to whip this demon, I know I will blog about it again and boldly post the bullets that worked. For now, I'm at a loss and if you suffer the similar situation after hanging a show, then you are not alone.

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