Exploring an Art Series Using Color Devices

This is the second in the series I last discussed.

I decided to go green— it didn’t work Below is the original direction that the above painting was first headed. If you haven't seen the last post: I'm working on a series that started because of the energy in a notan sketch. This version, above, has some of that energy but isn't quit there yet.

Once I decided on the greens, yellows, violets and oranges, I discovered myself once again using the radiating lines and C curve designs to create this composition.

My color selection started out a bit more local but before I got past this point (above) and was about ready to balance the values— I decided I wanted to take the very same pastel sticks that created this, and use them differently.

Giving Up on a Painting

The truth is, I stood back and wasn't really happy the way the painting. I basically gave up and just started playing with the colors in my tray that I used for the green version. Giving up freed me. I already knew I didn't like what was there, so I wasn't losing anything to just start mushing color around.

Instead of wiping this down, I decided to just go over the green with the yellow as the dominant color, the red oranges as the secondary and tone down the violet by changing their values. Little by little I started seeing some color harmonies that were not there in the first attempt with the same colors. Buy changing the propotions of the colors and using them differently with the darker tones popping in through some of the homemade texture, something more positive started to happen.

I would not say this is as successful as the first in the series, but the second in the series is an improvement over what ended up under it. I'm glad I let the kid in me have time to play rather than just walk away completely.

A reminder: this was the notan that start the series. This will be the basis for each of the starts in this series. Ultimately the hope is the last one will be the one where I have explored color and designs and end up translating the energy of the line to the final painting.

What I learned

  • From the second one in the series I learned that a lot of green under the yellow gave me more acrid yellows than might be wanted.

  • I would not have learned the first bullet unless I let the kid in me come out and play

  • Don't expect everything in a series to work, but that's the purpose of the series, find what works and what doesn't

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