Mass Producing Your Art Might Be A Way to Save$

Producing a number of paintings all at one time in one evening gave me two revolulations — 1) I was surprised how much fun I had 2) a hunch I had about cropping images of my large individual works paid off.

Here’s 12 mini abstract paintings mixed in a random order other than how they were painted As one flat surface.

Ganging canvases together

While with these Artist Trading Cards, I set out to make abstractions this presented a unlique problem with composition for each

By starting with many canvases I had to try and make each have some design interest so as an individual card it would hold together

I opted to use the darkest colors first and try to create Elle, radiating line, three spot and other compositions as an under painting on as many cards as I could then using lighter color hues I painted with high energy strokes over the cards as a whole

This is how the 12 canvases were joined so my brush had no boundaries and my brush strokes keep a kind of follow through energy past the boundaries of each canvas edge. At the bottom I raised the cards so you can see how much follow through there was.

As as a whole, the overall effective has no design but separately the majority of the cards have interesting designs tucked under the paint layers. As a whole the 12 card design looks horribly spotty with no focus.

My Discoveries

In the past, I had often found that when I took close ups of paintings to show photos of texture and details, at times the close up was so interesting that one day I wanted to revisit the photo and try a painting using the close up as the reference source.

The instances where this happened we’re for representational paintings, not abstract. The overall design here doesn’t work as a single painting but the energy for the smaller parts does work in this case. There’s enough here to give me ideas on how to try something with triptych or dipyxh representational works to keep the brush work fresh looking

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