Returning to My Roots— oil painting.

My last post mentioned my recent presentation to the Northern Indiana Pastel Society, NIPS. After my short presentation on composition, there was a question about why after so many years of doing oils, I took up pastels three years ago. . My answer was that I was lazy, I didn’t like mixing colors and preferred just picking up sticks of colors — the immediacy of using pastels.

As it turns out, that was more of a tongue in cheek answer. Rather than laziness it’s more about the flow of work and response to what I’m creating. Stopping to mix colors breaks my stride.

I work fast in the early stages of a work. Because music is a huge part of my process, it is so upbeat in the early stages and stopping — even to mix oils— allows too much of a break in my subconscious process.

However, the above oil was created by pre mixing pools of color. It’s only 6x6, so the premixed colors allowed me to keep going. This abstract was fun and a break from pastel but soon afterward I returned to my favorite media— pastel.

What I Learned

* It’s okay to take a break from my preferred media. I learned how to approach my second choice

* Art is a business for me— but it’s gotta be fun too. There’s a sensuality to the buttery feel of oils that I don’t want to abandon.

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