Using a Colorwheel keeps colors in Focus

I love color. But sometimes my colors become garish. A colorwheel keeps my colors in check most of the time.

I learned the colorwheel in grade school. But recently I’ve seen youtube videos with more artists using them for color selection. BobBlast (Robert Burridge -- explains his color wheel in this video link) has some really interesting videos and I've seen him use the colorwheel. Now that I purchased one for my studio palette of pastels, and a smaller pocket version, I see I didn't learn everything I thought I had about color wheels.

Making Comparisons Makes my Color Selection Easier

By mounting the wheel over my studio palette of colors, I now can grab a stick of pastel and quickly hold it up to the colors I selected to use for a composition. This quick comparison has surprised me since I started doing it last week. Often I thought I was grabbing a color that was in the family of the previous colors. But several times my quick comparison has shown just how far off my eye looking into the box of color has been off.

By not having a color wheel in my studio, I now can see why sometimes the color would go off the deep end. I have noticed already that once this past week, the selected colors didnt work out at first. But by changing the proportions of darker tones to lighter tones of the selected hues, the artwork did come around to something more pleasing to me.

What I Learned

  • As I said earlier, I didn't know as much about color as I thought I knew from my earlier training

  • Split Complementary colors, I did know about

  • Harmonious color, I had hear other artists talk about and seemed to have learned it by exposure

  • The color wheel is helping me learn the Triad

  • The Tetrad was new for me too

  • I discovered just how far off my eyes were sometimes when using instinct to pick a pastel stick

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