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Discover the pure joy of painting with pastels. This four week course will explore how to set up your pastel colors and how to mix colors that your set might not have. There are literally thousands of pastel colors and they vary from manufacture to manufacture....a primary red isn't the same. Unlike other wet mediums, where you can mix many colors on a palettee from basic hues, you can mix equally as many with pastels but the process is very different.  Even discover how to paint with pastels in this workshop. Each week we will discuss topics, and I will demo the assignment. You can spend the week working on the assignment, submit it and we will critique the works the following session. 

Online Workshop--The Pastel Palette and Mixing

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    then please package and pay the return postage requesting a refund. My aim is to please you and sometimes online purchases are not what they appear or what you expected. 

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