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I currently am booking workshops for 2024-25. If you are interested in me hosting a workshop for your organization, please contact me by email at 

    Periodically I add workshops. I also add online workshops that typically meet 1 day a week for 4 weeks. The workshops include lecture, demos, and critiques of student works. Each online workshop topic changes throughout the year. 

For information and pricing of online critiques, click here


Hillsboro, NC., June 28-29

Wet Pastel Techniques

Enos Art Center at the Mill, hosts this workshop. Students of all levels will use various wet mediums, learn to build texture, with dry pastels. For more detail or to sign up,  apply through the Orange County Hillsboro NC art center by clicking here.  

April 13, Bloomington, IN 9-4 p.m. 

Exploring Tones and Values in Wet Pastel 

Hosted by Artists For Climate Awareness, this workshop explores how to create dynamic paintings by narrowing the range of values yet exploring the vastness of color hues while using wet medium with dry pastels. For more information or to sign up click here. 

Shapes between the Trees
Art_15BestOF 2019-05-06 004.JPG

Online, July 11, 18,25, Aug 1

Setting up a Pastel Palette and Learning to Mix Colors 
$80 (click)for all four sessions

Online is an affordable alternative to traveling miles and paying for lodging and food. Workshops vary by topic throughout the year. Most meet 1-3 p.m, EST on each Thursday for 4 weeks. Mixing colors with pastels is very different from other mediums. We will discuss four mixing methods as well as various ways to set up a pastel palette. After a short discussion of the topic illustrated with famous examples of art, I do a demo of that week's assignment. Students submit work for critique 

Online $80 for all 4 sessions

Value Painting Techniques

Coming soon in 2024....This workshop will explore values and help students learn to think and see in terms of value rather than color. Learn how to control the range of value rather than color hue to create dramatic paintings and take your art to the next level. Online, 4 sessions, 2-3 hours sessions each Thursday, includes a demo, discussion of concepts, and critiques of student work for those wishing to submit their work for review. 

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