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See the Workshops tab or menu item "Workshops" for a current list. The products page or "shop" also has the workshops as well as individual critique sessions. Get the latest information by signing up here

Students are saying...

"Great class! Avon Waters is not only a wonderful artist, he is an exceptional teacher and a very, very funny man."

"I really liked the two-day class. It gave enough time to cover an extensive subject matter but left plenty of time for students to work and get personal attentions. "

"Avon Waters is not only a wonderful man but a truly gifted artist. It was marvelous learning from him and having his personal attention when he came around to see how we were applying his approach to art. I'd gladly attend this session again and highly recommend it to fellow artists."

"Avon Waters is a wonderful teacher who shows enthusiasm, an open and friendly manner and is obviously competent and inspires individual creativity."

"Avon's class was very well organized and inspiring. He demonstrated multiple techniques that could be used very creatively. The structure of the class was adapted to all levels. He was very generous with his knowledge and he was very enthusiastic. I was so glad I was able to attend his workshop."

Not seeing a workshop near you? Talk to your local art center or organization to host a workshop and I'll share the fees to help them out too.

Kokomo Art Center Class

Ongoing Class 4x yearly, limit 10 per quarter.

2021-05-19 011

Techniques in Wet Pastel. beginner to intermediate. Click the image for more information and a link to register. Bloomington, IN Ivy Tech. March 24 and 25, 2023

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